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Präsenz-Workshop am Fachbereich Biologie, Chemie, Pharmazie: Gender and Diversity in academic teaching

30.09.2022 | 09:30 - 13:00

Gender and diversity-conscious teaching in science

Students bring a variety of perspectives into the classroom, depending on their life circumstances as well as on their experiences of discrimination and privilege within existing structures of inequality. Following the objective of anti-discrimination, gender- and diversity conscious teaching appreciates the diversity of students as resource and aims at creating a good and just learning environment for all.

Within the workshop we will get to know various dimensions of gender- and diversity sensitive teaching such as methods, communication, course content and conditions and will discuss central pillars of good teaching. After a conceptional introduction, we will specifically focus on good practices within the natural sciences and fruitful ways to implement a gender- and diversity perspective within your own course design. In order to acknowledge structural aspects, we will also talk about the legal background of anti-discrimination as well as about rules, regulations, advisory and counselling services at FU Berlin. We will use various materials from the ‚Toolbox Gender and Diversity in Teaching’.

Learning objectives:

  • Reflection on diversity within science and the university as well on your distinct role as teacher of higher education
  • Getting to know various dimensions of gender-and diversity conscious teaching by applying them actively within the workshop
  • Introduction of the ‘Toolbox Gender and Diversity in Teaching’ as resource for planning and implementing a gender- and diversity perspective within your courses


There will be a short assignment (15 – 20 Minutes) to be completed beforehand. Participants will receive an E-Mail with specific information two weeks in advance.


Dr. Jana Gerlach, sociologist, trainer of didactics in higher education, staff member of “Toolbox Gender and Diversity in Teaching”.