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How can I juggle all the many expectations that are placed upon me?

Gender and diversity can be seen as an asset to you and the students you work with:

Everyone benefits from an anxiety-free atmosphere in which everyone can teach and learn.

Nevertheless, coming to terms with gender and diversity in teaching takes time as well as a certain amount of perseverance and comfort with conflict. It is useful to be aware that although you have your own scope for action, you do not bear sole responsibility.

Lecturers cannot be expected to create a gender- and diversity-conscious environment on their own. This requires the support of supervisors, HR managers, and all members of the university.

Get in touch with the people involved with gender and diversity at Freie Universität Berlin, either in person or through mailing lists, social media groups, or the Margherita von Brentano Center Data Directories (in German). Engage your colleagues and supervisors in conversation and participate in initiatives aiming to raise awareness for gender and diversity at the university.