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Gender and Diversity conscious language

Language plays an important role in every-day teaching. Whether spoken, in form of texts, or as body language, it is the main form of communication for teaching. Language creates relationships between people. It transports norms, ideas and connotations and thus shapes our consciousness. It is easier for us to imagine things for which we have words. The way we describe reality– be it a person or a job – has a strong influence on how we perceive and asses ourselves and others.

There are three good reasons to use gender- and diversity conscious language:

  • It creates more visibility: By recognizing and verbally illustrating the accomplishments of all university members.
  • It addressed everyone: By addressing students and other university members in such a way that all feel recognized and valued.
  • It avoids stereotypical representation and discrimination: Instead of language that hurts, degrades or “exoticizes” people, employing language that values and recognizes them.

Gender Sensitivity in English

Gender and Diversity Conscious Language in German