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An evaluation at the end of the course gives you an overview into your students’ impressions, which you can then use for your concluding and follow-up work. Freie Universität academic departments typically use online surveys.

Evaluations can also include questions about the implementation of gender- and diversity-conscious teaching. Depending on the subject of the course and the students’ prior knowledge, you can ask direct or indirect questions.
Here are a few suggestions, which you will need to adapt to the concept of your course and the evaluation format (e.g. written or oral, rating on a scale or free response):

Teaching Methods (direct questions) 

  • Have gender- and diversity-conscious teaching methods and formats been employed?

Teaching Methods (indirect questions)

  • Did the course use a variety of methods?
  • Did the methods used feel participatory to you? If not, why not?
  • Did you have a chance to actively participate in the course? Were you able to express yourself adequately in discussions, group projects, etc.? If not, why not?

Course Content (direct questions)

  • Did the lecturer refer to theories or data from Gender and Diversity Studies?
  • Were issues related to gender and diversity discussed?
  • Was the relevance of the topic to different social groups addressed?
  • What gender and diversity skills did the course teach? In what (present or future) contexts will you apply them?

Course Content (indirect questions)      

  • Did you feel that you were learning about different perspectives on a given research topic within the discipline? Did you gain insight into the historical development of the primary question discussed in the course?
  • Was there a critical examination of your field’s canon?
  • Did you learn about the culture of your discipline? Was there an interdisciplinary analysis of the topic?

Language and Interactions (direct questions)

  • Did the lecturer use gender-sensitive language?
  • Was the lecturer’s use of language conscious of gender and diversity?
  • Did you feel harassed by inappropriate behavior on the part of lecturers and/or fellow students (bullying, stalking, or sexual harassment)?

Language and Interactions (indirect questions)

  • Did you feel that the use of language and the examples highlighted in the course related to you personally?
  • Did you feel at ease during the course? If not, why not?

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