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Integrating a Cross-Section on a Microdidactic Level

All strategies for implementing gender and diversity on the level of microdidactics can be implemented in any type of teaching and any subject and are therefore especially adaptable to various fields. One element of this is language and communication; more on these in the Language and Skills sections. Another element is your use of didactic methods. All of these elements can also be employed without a specific tie-in to content about gender and diversity.

The gender- and diversity-conscious selection of examples, assignments, and research questions is more closely related to learning content. This includes, for example, paying attention to gender and diversity as you design research-based and problem-based learning, or selecting literature that reveals a variety of academic and social perspectives towards a research subject.

You can find more suggestions for discipline-specific ways to design gender- and diversity-conscious teaching under Content Connections for Every Field, Gender and Diversity Studies, and the Discipline-Specific Examples.